Breakfast with a side of Black History: Maitland restaurant highlights heroes

Brick and Spoon puts out placards with facts about African-American heroes

MAITLAND, Fla. – Customers at one Black-owned restaurant in Maitland are getting a taste of Black history and a reminder of notable achievements made by African-Americans.

Owner Kentrail Davis at Brick and Spoon restaurant has put out placards on every table at his restaurant for Black History Month. They include a picture on one side and background information on the other side of African-American heroes who’ve helped shape our country.

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“Sometimes we can forget about things. We forget about how far the world has come,” said Davis. “I get a lot of teachers who appreciate it. I get a lot of grandparents who want to take it home for their grandkids.”

Davis said he’s gotten a lot of feedback from customers. He said so far, it’s been very inspiring for kids too.

He told News 6 he got the idea as a former baseball player. Davis played college baseball at the University of Tennessee and was later drafted into Major League Baseball.

“I was looking at my baseball cards, and I was like baseball cards with a small bio on the back,” Davis said.

He said his goal is simply to educate and inspire — and the heroes on the tables inspire him too.

“I’m sure we’ve touched people who had no idea who some of these people were, and now they do,” said Davis “I’m a Black business owner. There’s no giving up. If these people would have quit, we wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

Whether it’s someone they’re familiar with or not, customers said they can appreciate the history sitting right there at their tables.

“They love seeing it because it’s Black representation and they get to learn,” said Omar Weise, a server at the restaurant.

Customer Cynthia James said she got way more than just great food at Brick and Spoon.

“I think all of us bear responsibility in educating about American history, which includes Black history,” said James.

She said the efforts at the restaurant are enough to keep her and her husband coming back.

“This will not be my first time, and it definitely won’t be my last time,” said James. “I’m just grateful that the ownership of this establishment understands that is important and are willing to put these out on the table and educate us.”

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