Longwood commissioners consider new code to separate smoke shops

If passed, new ordinance would require incoming businesses to be at least 1 mile apart

LONGWOOD, Fla. – Some people call part of State Road 434 the “Green Mile”  because there are multiple smoke shops and dispensaries nearby.

Monday, Longwood city commissioners discussed creating a code that would prevent businesses like these from sitting so close together.

Ordinance 23 – 2236  would implement standards, including separation requirements for smoke shops, vape shops, CBD establishments, smoking lounges and marijuana dispensaries.

Morgan Toms, a supervisor at Trulieve Medical Marijuana Treatment center does not see an issue with the proximity of dispensaries.

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“I think, if anything, it makes it more convenient,” Toms said.

Longwood Mayor Matt Morgan said the product is not the issue.

“It’s not to say we don’t want them in our city. We would like to have some more space between them, not all being ‘conjumbled’ on top of one another,” Morgan said.

He said residents want the city’s businesses diversified.

“They want more restaurants. They want more things to do with their families, places to go shopping, maybe for clothes,” Morgan said.

Toms said other pharmacies in the area should be held to the same standard.

“That would be the same thing as saying we have too many pharmacies, too many Walgreens on this road,” Toms said. “I mean, people are just picking up their medicine. If it’s not bothering anyone else, I don’t see why it should be an issue.”

Morgan said that if passed, this code would not force existing businesses to relocate. Incoming businesses CBD stores, smoke shops and dispensaries would need to be at least 1 mile apart.

The next Longwood City Commission meeting is on March 20. Commissioners will vote on the separation code at that meeting.

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