Central Florida woman still suffers from COVID-19 symptoms nearly 3 years later

AdventHealth working to research and treat long-term COVID-19 conditions

OCALA, Fla. – Sheryl London told News 6 she just wants to have the life she had before her COVID-19 diagnosis in August 2020.

“Frustrating is probably my major symptom,” London, a neonatal ICU nurse, said.

The mother of four said she was healthy and active, but at 51, she’s dealing with heart and lung issues and sporadic inflammation throughout her body due to COVID-19

“The fatigue is — it’s overwhelming. Last year, I had to get FMLA for work for when I need to take days off. I’ve never used an inhaler a day in my life until COVID, and now I use steroid inhaler,” she said. “My neck will be killing me one day, and then I get tennis elbow — both arms.”

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The situation is one that altered her life drastically. London is among the many battling ongoing symptoms, a condition commonly known as “long COVID.” According to the CDC, post-COVID-19 conditions are not one illness; they can include a wide range of ongoing health problems — conditions that can last weeks, months or years.

“I want answers. I want to feel better. I feel like I’m living this life of just get through to the next day,” London said.

It’s been three years since the White House declared a national emergency concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.

This past January, Adventhealth opened their first Orlando clinic to diagnose, treat and research long-term COVID-19.

“We’re trying to learn everything that we possibly can,” Dr. Dwayne Gordon, an internal medicine physician, said. “Many times, we’ll see patients who say, ‘I feel breathless’ or ‘I have weakness or numbness, or perhaps I have increasing anxiety, depression, insomnia.’”

London is already on a wait list at a South Florida clinic, and she now called the Adventhealth clinic, hoping they would see her promptly, but she was told that the wait is going to be several months.

“I talked to the lady, and she said the wait list goes ‘till the end of the year,” London said. “I love my life, I’ve got a great home life, I’ve got great kids, I’ve got wonderful grandchildren, I’ve got a job that I love doing. I just want to get back to that person.”

For information about the new AdventHealth clinic, call 407-821-3560 or email CFD.Postcovidclinic@adventhealth.com.

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