RECALL ALERT: Over 2.5M vehicles with urgent recalls still unrepaired across the US

Florida ranks 3rd with more than 200,000 at-risk vehicles on road

ORLANDO, Fla. – “Do not drive” or “park outside“ recall alerts have been issued by vehicle manufacturers of 200 separate models, according to a new data survey by CARFAX, yet 2.5 million of those vehicles have not been repaired yet.

“Some people see it (the recall notice) and they think it’s a scam,” CARFAX editor in chief Patrick Olsen told News 6. “I think some people see it and ignore it.”

According to the CARFAX report, Florida is in the top three states with more than 200,000 vehicles driving on state roads as of May 1. Ten states have more than 70,000 of the vehicles still unrepaired.

Olsen told News 6 the alerts cannot be taken lightly because these recalls are “rarely issued.”

A “do not drive” recall advises drivers not to operate their vehicles because a serious safety issue could lead to an accident or physical harm. A “park outside” recall is issued for vehicles with a high risk of causing a fire, and owners are advised to park these vehicles outside of garages and parking structures and away from buildings.

“It’s not just domestic or just foreign, it’s everybody,” Olsen said. “If you have a car that has a ‘do not drive’ or ‘park outside’ recall, the automaker is telling you park it.”

Olsen said manufacturers will pick up the vehicles, repair them and return them at no charge.

CARFAX found 54,000 unrepaired vehicles in the Orlando-metro area.

The top 10 states with unrepaired vehicles include:

  • California: 245,000
  • Texas: 242,000
  • Florida: 237,000
  • New York: 118,000
  • Pennsylvania: 106,000
  • Ohio: 101,000
  • Georgia: 96,000
  • Illinois: 92,000
  • North Carolina: 85,000
  • Arizona: 71,000

Consumers can check – for free – to see if their car has any open recall by clicking here.

Jeep and BMW have just issued the recalls for fire and airbag issues respectively. Click here for more information on Jeeps and click here for more info on BMWs.

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