Records show previous excessive force claims against Orange deputies

Deputies accused of excessive force against 2 Valencia College students

Records obtained by Local 6 show two of the deputies involved in an excessive force complaint have had previous complaints.

The complaint was filed after cellphone video showed the takedown of two Valencia College students Diedra Reid and Reggie Lane.

[WARNING, videos contain graphic language: Raw video of Deidra Reid's arrest | Second arrest]

Off-duty deputy Brett Parnell had confronted the students after one of them was rude to his 9-year-old son and accused them of trespassing at his apartment complex. The situation boiled over into the parking lot and now the Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating if the force was excessive.

Disciplinary records show Parnell has been accused of using excessive force six times over the last 15 years and that he has been exonerated for all of them

Orange County deputy Richard Nye's discipline record shows he has been accused of using excessive force 21 times over the last seven years. He has been exonerated for 16 of them and the rest are still being investigated.

Nye has not been suspended for any excessive force claims. Records show he has been suspended for 30 days for submitting wrong times on his timesheet.

Capt. Angelo Nieves says many of the accusations are self-reported because that's what deputies are trained to do.

"There's a culture that says you don't have to do what your training tells you to do," said attorney Natalie Jackson, who is representing Reid and Lane.

Jackson said Reid had her arm dislocated by Nye and wants change.

"There are some good cops and you don't see this type of action," Jackson said. "You don't see a cop on top of the 120 pound woman pulling her arm back after she's in handcuffs."

Orange County Sheriff's Office said their internal investigation is continuing to see if anything the deputies did violates policy.