Students, parents shaken up over tragedy at Lake Mary High School

17-year-old girl shoots, kills self on campus

By Jerry Askin - Reporter

LAKE MARY, Fla. - The grandmother of a student who took her own life at Lake Mary High School on Wednesday morning said the girl hadn't been the same all week.

The woman told News 6 that her granddaughter had recently gone through a breakup. She also said her granddaughter was, at times, being bullied at school. However, deputies are still working to identify the reason for the suicide and notify the girl's family members. 

The teen's grandmother also said she was in the band and Junior ROTC and used to model.

Her family members are asking for privacy following the tragedy that took place in the school's auditorium. 

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News 6 reporters saw parents rushing to pick up their kids from Lake Mary High School throughout the day Wednesday after school leaders notified parents about the incident. 

"I was working when he texted me, and then I just started asking him what’s going on," parent Hilsia Fernandez said.

The school was placed on lockdown after hearing the gunfire in case of the possibilty of there being an active threat on campus.

"When it happened, I actually ran into another classroom," student Angel Diaz said. "They say that we’re still going to be on code red, and they explained about the girl that shot herself."

Many students were in shock after officials told them what happened.

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Some parents said the tragedy is unfortunate and serves as a reminder to talk to their kids. 

"I was just telling my son, whatever problem you have, come to me, talk to me and we can figure out if we can resolve the problem," Fernandez said.

The student's name has not been released and authorities are still working to figure out how she was able to get a gun, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

News 6 has contacted Seminole County Public Schools to see if there have been any reports of bullying that could be connected to the student's death. This post will be updated when a reply is received.

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