Mama duck proudly struts new babies through nursing home -- again

'She has us trained,' facility service associate says of duck

By Dawn Jorgenson - Graham Media Group

A mama duck and her ducklings strut through M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center in New York.

A proud new mama of a brood of ducklings traipsed her way through a New York nursing home last week, something she does every year, according to staff.

The health facility posted about the adorable event on Facebook, saying that the mama duck chooses one of the M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center courtyards every year without fail to lay her eggs and take care of her babies.

“She lets us know when she's ready to go by tapping on the glass, and this morning, it was time for this annual rite of spring,” the Facebook post reads.

Nursing home staff is already prepared when the ducks are ready. They guide her and her ducklings with old signage in case they get sidetracked.

“She has us trained,” a facility service associate said of the duck.

This year, there were 13 ducklings following their mama -- straight out the door (held open by an assistant nurse manager) and right out into a park-like area behind the center.

Residents at the nursing home get to help see the ducks off, as well. One of them stood at the back door with nurses as they bid farewell.

The resident's daughter said, "Thank you to all the wonderful staff who included my made her day. thank you!!!!!!"

In the final picture posted on Facebook, the ducks are seen walking away and the hospital sends well wishes: "Good luck, guys. We'll miss you!"

'Til next year ...

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