'Think before buying in Cocoa,' resident in dispute with city displays on sign

Amy Langoni says city won't work with her on repairs following Hurricane Irma

By Troy Campbell - Reporter

COCOA, Fla. - A homeowner in Cocoa said she is having an issue with the city about repairs stemming from Hurricane Irma.

The homeowner has even bought a sign that reads, "Think before buying in the city of Cocoa."

Amy Langoni said she purchased her home on Gray Street in Cocoa in 2009. 

Langoni said when Hurricane Irma ripped through in September, the flooding along the street caused the driveway to collapse on top of a drainage pipe.

"Fire trucks can't get to my house. Ambulance can't get to my home," Langoni said. "I'm not giving up, and I just want the city to work with me here."

City of Cocoa officials told News 6 that as long as water flows through the pipe and there aren't any obstructions, the city isn't required to replace the pipe.

"In short, policies of both the city and Brevard County, which are supported by law, lead to the conclusion that the private property owners along Gray Road are responsible to maintain the culverts and driveways," city officials said in a statement to News 6. "While Gray Road residents must generally be allowed to build such driveway aprons and culverts to exercise their right of access to the street, there is no legal authority suggesting that the improvements and structures installed for their convenience are transformed into public improvements that the city has the obligation to maintain using public funds."

Langoni said she wants the city to replace the pipe and she will pay for the pavement repair, despite the culvert not being on Langoni's property. 

"Stand up right now and raise your voice," she said. "Be heard. If something that you feel is unjust, make sure that people know how you feel and express yourself and that's what I'm trying to do."

Langoni said she applied for a permit to keep her sign up for the foreseeable future.

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