Caught on camera: Coyote sneaks into home through doggie door

Dogs chase wild animal away, homeowner says

A woman and her dogs get quite the scare as an intruder turns out to be a coyote.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – A home security camera in California caught an intruder sneaking into a home, but it wasn’t a burglar, it was a wild animal.

A coyote managed to get inside the house by slithering through the doggie door.

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A security camera at Julie Levine’s Woodland Hills home captured the entire thing, showing the coytoe walking along a fence before jumping down and getting into the house.

Levine said the coyote was in her home for a few minutes before her dogs chased the animal away.

The homeowner says the doggie door will now remained closed and she will no longer allow her animals to go outside alone.

No one was hurt.

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