News 6 Getting Results: Military exercise keeps veteran fit; students master art of puppetry

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Here are some recent Getting Results stories that may pique your interest:

Investigators say using DNA from family members to catch violent criminals is the biggest breakthrough in getting crime results in years. Orlando police and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement recently did it for the first time; it's only been done a few times around the country. Erik von Ancken got an exclusive look at how it works and the team behind the fascinating science below.

Family members' DNA helping FDLE to catch killers

Left-hand turns can be dangerous if you're not careful. In this week's ride-along, News 6 traffic safety expert Steve Montiero explains what you need to know to keep you from crashing.

Turning left has become an issue in Central Florida

Do you have traffic concerns? You can ride shotgun with Trooper Steve to find out what you should do in any and every kind of road situation by clicking here.

A man in Volusia County is using his favorite pastime to give children something to do after school. He is doing this through race car driving. A group of teens and young adults he's teaching are disassembling cars and putting them back together and then competing in races at DeLand Speedway. Watch Carolina Cardona's story below to see them in action.

How a DeLand man uses race cars to teach youth valuable life lessons

A 74-year-old veteran says training to be in the Army showed him a strength that's still getting results decades later. Bob Barr spent three decades in the military, including stints in Vietnam and Panama where he met his wife. To this day he never skips a workout. Kirstin O'Connor met with him at a gym for a lesson in getting results for your health.

74-year-old Army veteran's workouts helm him connect to himself, other veterans

Many people have seen a puppet show on TV or in movies. Pinocchio and Lamp Chop come to mind. Here in Central Florida, Millennium Middle School Fine Arts and Communications Magnet is the only school in the state offering a puppetry class. Julie Broughton got the chance to meet the teacher who learned her skills from a legendary puppeteer.

Millennium Middle School puppetry club becomes most popular elective class

A teaching toy is helping hundreds of kids in Central Florida. The inventor of Polyblox Totems says she came up with the unique educational tool for her son who had trouble spelling. Carolina Cardona shows how the toy is helping children formulate words here:

Teaching toy helps students learn to spell while having fun

This week's Getting Results Award winner is Santa Claus. Even though the big guy in the red suit is starting to get really busy this time of year, he is still splitting his time between the North Pole and Central Florida. Every week, he and Mrs. Claus make a special appearance at a nonprofit resort in Kissimmee. Matt Austin shows how Santa is lifting spirits and making memories for critically ill children.

Santa splits his time between North Pole and Central Florida for wonderland parties

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