Oviedo groomer opens doors overnight to care for dog found on side of road

Severe matting kept dog from walking, using bathroom

A Seminole County grooming business opened its doors overnight Wednesday to offer a matted dog found on the side of the road some relief.

Employees with BGE Grooming in Oviedo said a good Samaritan saved the dog Wednesday night from being hit by a car on Conroy Road in Orange County.

Groomers posted before and after pictures of the dog Thursday morning, after they gave him an “emergency grooming” when the people who found the dog brought it by around midnight.

Employees said the dog's mats were in such bad condition that he couldn’t walk or use the bathroom.

"They were soaking wet, infested with fleas, full of yeast infection and attached like a mummified cast," employees wrote on BGE's Facebook page. "The smell was horrendous."

They said knew it was an emergency as soon as they saw him. 

The grooming session took two hours and the dog was unrecognizable following his haircut.

Salon owner Kari Falla said she didn't think twice about opening the salon and taking care of him.

"We always groom rescue dogs and shelter does for free, so as soon as I found out, it was a no brainer," Falla said. "We believe in paying it forward. Sharing a little bit of kindness goes a lot way. And in this case, it saved a life."

Pictures and videos show the dog looking much happier and healthier because of his new style. 

We were sent this video after he was groomed last night. THIS is why we opened at a moment's notice to help this little baby. When he was brought to us by the transporter , he couldn't even walk. He was carried in. His hair was so matted they became casts all over his body . He could not walk let alone wag his tail. He could not poop, his butt was sewed shut with matting. He couldn't feel you touching him, the mats were so thick it was insane. He was suffering. Look how happy he is now! 😍😍😍😍😍

Posted by BGE Grooming on Thursday, October 12, 2017

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The good deed received a lot of attention on Facebook. Employees have been posting updates about the dog on the BGE Grooming page.

Groomers said the dog, which is believed to be a Goldendoodle mix, stayed at the business overnight Thursday and was neutered Friday. He is now in the care of a veterinarian and officials are searching for his original owner.