These Orlando area Instagram famous dogs have influencer game

Local good boys, girls who know how to lead and feed followers

A few “Insta famous” Orlando area pups. (Images courtesy: @magically.mozart, @thepawtterpups, @winstonfluffybutt)

Orlando, Fla. – Hair, beauty, fitness, food -- there are Instagram influencers for every industry. And while there may be some influencers you can't relate to, there's a dog account for everyone (and for some more than one).

Winnie, a Canine Companions for Independence pup-in-training, is the inspiration behind this web story and also has an Instagram - @thewonderfulworldofwinnifred.

It makes sense that Instagram users create accounts for their dogs, because humans like dogs more than people, and let's face it, dogs take better photos than humans. Also, most humans will never come close to having the amount of followers as some dog accounts have.

Turns out, there are several Instagram accounts devoted to dogs that call Central Florida home. Here is a list of accounts to start with and you'll find yourself building more from there. 

1. The Orlando Dog Mom (@orlandodogmom) 

Ever since she launched The Orlando Dog Mom Club in March 2019, pet care extraordinaire Myriam Gutstein has united fellow dog moms through conversation, stories, meet-up events and photos. Not only have Facebook group members gotten to know their host, they've become well acquainted with Gutstein's trustworthy dog squad. Her Instagram account is made up of mostly photos of Princey (her barketing director), Pickles (who is a professional hand-holder) and Bear, who pays visits to students at a local temple. 



2. Winston Fluffybutt (@winstonfluffybutt) 

For many dog lovers, the moment they see that an Instagram account belongs to a corgi, it's an instant follow. There's something about these lovable low-riders that even just looking at their photos makes the day better. Winston is a sophisticated Cardigan Welsh corgi (I say sophisticated because he wears bow ties in most of his pics).  According to Winston's owners - Michael Kuo and Amy Kuo, he's a mismark, which is why his face is entirely white and he's got those cookies-and-cream speckled ears. Winston's humans also say he has a goofy personality in real life as he does on his Instagram, and he's never met anyone or anything he doesn't like, except baths and the garbage truck. 



3. Red the Mini Dachshund (@redthemini)

This pup knows how to pose for the camera. In fact, Red's owner, Katia, says his eyes tell a story, and you always seem to know what he's thinking. Red's Instagram is decorated with memories from when he's explored dog-friendly downtown Winter Garden to the sandy beach shores of Central Florida's coast. Besides being the smartest dog, Katia says he's probably the sassiest but most loveble dog you will ever meet. 



4. Rachel & Mozart (@magically.mozart)

Pet dogs usually have name tags, but there aren't many who have a Disney cast member badge. Ever since Rachel Denton and her New Horizons service dog, Mozart, started working at Disney World, they've become an inspiring Instagram sensation. Throughout their page, you'll find photos of the two posing with guests at various working locations at Epcot, or solo shots of the adorable golden retriever in front of Disney landmarks. Mozart also enjoys occasional meet-and-greets with Disney characters, like Dug, Max and Chewbacca, but his No. 1 celebrity crush? -- Pluto. 



5. Ashton & Theodore (@raising_in_orlando) 

Fun fact - Theodore is Mozart's nephew. And much like his Uncle Mo, the little pup-in-training wears a New Horizons green vest. Trainer Ashton's account consists of all six of her New Horizons service dogs, but newer photos are mainly of 4-month-old Theodore, as well as Boggle and Caspian, who are also currently in training.  Ashton is a high school puppy raiser who strives to bring in new and young volunteers. Based on past photos, it looks like her previous puppies enjoy their Disney visits, so chances are, Theodore will eventually have his "first time visit" soon. 




6. Reagan & Lincoln Potter (@thepawtterpups) 

While enjoying what Central Florida has to offer, like swimming and going to the park, Reagan and Lincoln's Instagram is also full of photos from their travels, and there seems to be a bandana for every occasion. Owner Michelle Potter -- who is a high school teacher for Orange County Public Schools -- says Reagan is one for kissable greetings, while Lincoln has a face that will melt your heart. What's probably most notable is the fact that the account is double the doodle -- a goldendoodle girl (Reagan) and a bernadoodle boy (Lincoln) -- appropriate alliteration as well. The pups are also very patriotic, given that they're named after two U.S. presidents. 



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