Florida Foodie: Small Central Florida bakery expands into Disney Springs

Gideon's Bakehouse plans to launch flagship store at the Disney food and shopping destination

Orlando – An antique book became the inspiration for a growing bakery business. Gideon’s Bakehouse takes its title from a name found written in an old cookbook. Since then, it has become synonymous with cookies that tip the scales at nearly a half pound a piece.

The Gothic-themed bakery currently sits in less than 300 square feet at Orlando’s East End Market. However, before the end of the year, that is going to change.

Gideon’s is getting ready for a major growth spurt that will see it make the jump into Disney Springs, which will make it more accessible to the international audience that shops and dines there.

The bakery’s owner, Steve Lewis, joins Florida Foodie to talk about this growth for his business. He shares how he’s been able to weather the pandemic and his excitement over being able to hire people when so many businesses are furloughing their workers.

Lewis also talks about some of the changes and new experiences Gideon’s fans can expect when they stop by his new flagship store at Disney Springs later this year.

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