Entrepreneur Richard Cuff’s ‘5 dimensions of wealth’ and what to do when you achieve them

Corie Murray’s ‘Black Men Sundays’ podcast focuses on business, finance and building generational wealth

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ORLANDO, Fla. – When you’re faced with making plans that last — like a roadmap of your financial future, for example — it can be reassuring to at least be pointed in the right direction by an expert.

This week on “Black Men Sundays,” host Corie Murray interviews Richard Cuff, president of CTI Marketing, to learn more about “CLOIP,” Cuff’s acronym for what he calls “the five dimensions of wealth.”

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CLOIP begins with the Consumer, often how we all start, receiving and spending money but perhaps not making much.

“As consumers, when you get wealth, you consume wealth, and that’s that person who might catch a lotto ticket, a parent dies; they get a sudden lump of change that drops in their lap, and the first thing they do is consume it,” Cuff said.

Next comes the Laborer, who Cuff said is bound to accumulate more wealth than the Consumer as if by virtue alone.

“This is the person that figures it out, you know, ‘I can’t work at this job for 40 hours a week and expect to get rich, so I’m gonna go out and work for myself, but get it myself,’ and that person can probably become wealthier than the consumer,” Cuff said.

The next dimension, Cuff said, is to become the Owner of your wealth.

“When you get to the point to where you are the owner of the wealth, that’s when you wake up to that consciousness of ‘I got to start my own business,’” Cuff said. “I’m in DC right now, my business is in Jacksonville, I can probably stay here for quite a few minutes and not have to go back to my business because it’s taking care of itself, but eventually I’ll have to go back and manage it.”

Along the way, the Owner becomes the Investor, with enough wealth to seed even more income streams for themselves.

“Obviously the best place you can invest is in yourself, but where you can invest in other areas that create those multiple streams of income, you can see when you’ve broken past those first three dimensions, and you’re into that fourth dimensional wealth mindset,” Cuff said.

Finally, there’s the Philanthropist, what Cuff said all wealth builders should aspire to become.

“So, that philanthropist is giving off of his wealth, and now he’s the one that’s able to control it. John Rockefeller said it best, you want to own nothing, but control everything. My goal in life is to own nothing, I don’t want to have any cash, I don’t want to have any resources, everything is going to be in a trust, and by the time I hit my ultimate plan in life, I’ll be putting my name on buildings out of the trust funds that I have. So that’s really the ultimate place that we’re supposed to be,” Cuff said.

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