Former News 6 reporter, husband turned viral ‘Christmas Jammies’ video into media empire

10 years after video fame, The Holderness family is still celebrating success

Kim and Penn Holderness pulled on their Christmas Jammies 10 years ago and churned out a viral video many still remember a decade later.

They teamed up with their two young kids, Lola and Penn Charles, to rap about all the things that made 2013 special for them.

Today, they are still making videos, but they are also releasing books, games, and merch.

While they did win the 33rd season of The Amazing Race in 2022, Kim says another round of reality TV is not on their short list.

She said, “Maybe like if you needed really middle-aged comedy, like the Golden Survivor. Also, if I needed to get trim really quick for an event.”

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But, she and Penn are game for sharing their family experiences in a fun and relatable way.

“I think a lot of people make content that shows how funny they are, how great their life is, but as a viewer watching it, what’s in it for me, that you’re funny? No, I would prefer like make me laugh, show me something that I can relate to, make me feel something,” Kim said.

She said News 6 helped shape her creative process.

“I would say I learned a lot from our news director at WKMG, when I was there. His name was Skip Valet. When I was there for the afternoon pitch meeting, you had to walk in with three ideas. And if you didn’t have an idea, (he would say) you need to take another way in to work.”

And after making a pitch Kim said, “He would always kinda answer back like, ‘why would a viewer care about this story you just pitched.’”

In addition to nailing the creative process, Kim and Penn bring a lot of raw talent to their content.

Kim was trained in dance and Penn is a musician.

But, even with all of that working in their favor, Penn said the duo threw a lot of spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick.

Every video didn’t go viral, but their success is evident.

They currently have their own website, have nearly 5 million followers on Facebook, amassed nearly 18 million likes on TikTok, and are releasing a new book called “ADHD is Awesome.”

Kim says Penn’s book, “Is written for and by an ADHD brain.”

The duo already has a game available at stores but said they hope to have another one available on Amazon by Black Friday.

They also have taken up pickleball and are now offering a line of paddles online.

They aren’t alone in their success.

Kim said their kids are very busy, but they are still active in some of their videos and have been making money with them since their original Christmas Jammies video went viral.

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