What should you look for when choosing a solar power company?

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Could 2020 be the year you finally go green and make the switch to solar energy?

It’s a big decision: And you’ll want to make sure it’s the right move for you and your home.

Stephen Bator, the chief operating officer at IQ Power Solar, had some advice for what people should look for when it comes to choosing a solar power company.

He recommends the following:

  • You should aim to understand the company’s history: How long have they been in solar energy?
  • Make sure your representative is knowledgeable in solar energy efficiency, and not just solar products.
  • Check to see if the company offers financing. Bator said most companies won’t ask for any money down or up front.
  • Ask if the company works primarily with subcontractors or its own employees.
  • Check on whether they’re transparent and up front with fees.
  • Look at the business’s reviews and make sure there are a good number of them.

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