Worried about sending your child back to day care? Pediatrician breaks down some key considerations

An Orlando Health doctor helps break down the decision for many families.

It’s not just your child you have to consider when you think about whether to send that son or daughter back to child care.

If you have an elderly, live-in parent, for example: That might be a reason to think about keeping your kid away from a day care center, said Dr. Pamela Ponce, a pediatrician with Orlando Health Physician Associates.

Older people are at higher risk when it comes to COVID-19.

But for some working parents, day care might be inevitable. Ponce said that’s OK.

“You chose your day care for a reason,” she reminded parents.

Your child care situation seemed clean, safe to you and reliable. You have to hope your center increased its safety and cleanliness efforts, and is prepared for whatever the future might bring. (Hopefully, workers there are communicating with you already).

To hear more from Ponce, watch the video, above.