Be proactive, advocate for your kids: All the ways to help your children make the most out of distance learning

As the new school year inches closer, you might be thinking about all the ways distance learning, or virtual learning, might impact your children.

What if your family has an Individual Education Plan, or an IEP, in place? That’s a plan for teachers and the school to follow to ensure your child is having his or her needs appropriately met.

What if you’re going through a separation or a divorce, and you and your partner or ex-spouse are struggling to agree on terms regarding your child’s education?

There can be a lot to consider.

Attorney Jennifer Englert, managing partner at The Orlando Law Group, had some advice on how to handle these tricky situations.

She advised getting proactive, advocating for your children, and trying to come to rational terms with a co-parent sooner rather than later.

If you can’t do that, it might help to get an attorney involved.

To hear more from Englert, watch the video, above.