Christmas in July is over and these essential workers proved to be real, everyday heroes

Christmas in July (WKMG.)

Last month, News 6 asked its viewers and readers to nominate an essential worker who could use some Christmas in July-style cheer.

The number of submissions we received was truly astounding, and the people we learned about are some real, everyday heroes in our community.

From grocery store workers who have been keeping us fed during the pandemic to paramedics who worked around the clock to take COVID-19 patients to the hospital, we saw so many inspiring stories of people doing thankless work.

We got submissions for people like Cristina, who works at a hospital and has been treating COVID-19 patients since the pandemic started. The person who nominated her said Cristina goes into work (sometimes seven days a week) with a smile on her face, and brings joy to all of her coworkers fighting on the frontlines.

Nicole, who is a nurse at an area hospital, has also been treating COVID-19 patients since the pandemic began. The loved one who nominated Nicole said she is a real-life Wonder Woman, and that she’s been on the frontlines with an understanding heart for her patients.

It wasn’t just hospital workers who were nominated.

Malachi works at a local Winn-Dixie, and the person who nominated him said they appreciated his work because he always wears a mask and “gloves up” before helping customers at the grocery store.

These are just a few of many essential workers to honor and celebrate in the Central Florida community.

The WKMG Christmas in July special culminated in our on-air “Sounds of the Season Classics,” a compilation of local students performing your favorite holiday songs. The spectacular performances of more than 15 musical groups wrapped up our Christmas in July contest on News 6 at noon and 7 p.m. on July 25.