You’ll never guess what popular game is orbiting in space

Up, up and away. (Pexels.)

Here in Florida, we love to watch spaceships launch into the sky aiming for the highest of heights -- and some of us probably wish we could make that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Well, one Florida staple that we all recognize is currently floating up in space, and you’ll probably never guess what it is.

It’s a Florida Lotto ticket.

In celebration of the Florida Lotto relaunch, the Florida Lottery launched a ticket of their game into space, thanks to the help of Space Florida and Sent Into Space.

The Florida Lotto launched their ticket from the Kennedy Space Center.

The ticket traveled through the stratosphere, into space, and reached as high as 122,182 feet.

The entire ticket’s journey was captured on film, and can be viewed on the Florida Lottery’s Facebook page.