Here’s how experts think the real estate market will be affected by Joe Biden taking office

Assuming Joe Biden takes office in January, how could that affect the economy? More importantly, how could it affect the real estate market here in Florida?

Real estate attorney Justin Clark said because of the pandemic, more people have been moving to Florida this year than maybe anytime in our history. He guesses it will be that way next year, too.

“I’m still bullish on this market, despite what happened in the election,” Clark said. “We have no state income taxes. We have beaches. Comparing costs here to anywhere else in the country, the market is still very good.”

Because inventory has been low, the price has increased, but one real estate expert who joined Clark on his podcast said he believes when 2021 begins, we’ll start to see an uptick in inventory that’s available.

Watch the video above to hear more from experts and learn about what to expect with Florida’s real estate market in the coming year.