The 3 best reasons to redo your windows now

Don’t overlook the importance of these

Windows. (StockSnap from Pixabay.)

There are many things about our homes we overlook on a day-to-day basis, but your windows should not be one of them.

Windows are a piece of your home that impact many things: your safety, keeping the cold or heat out, the look of your home and more.

Because of that, there’s reason to think about how they impact your home and daily life.

Here are three reasons to consider redoing your windows:

1. Save on heating and cooling

Heating bills in the winter and air conditioning bill in the summer can be such a drag, right? Did you know that upgrading your windows can help with those? Window World has a variety of windows that are Energy Star rated and approved. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you could save between $126 to $465 each year by replacing those single-pane windows with Energy Star rated windows. Sounds like a nice chunk of change to put back in your pocket, doesn’t it?

2. Improves resale value

Installing new windows can be an investment. And while experts say that there are many home improvement projects that may not return the full investment, window replacement does, especially when you consider how much money you will save each month on those bills.

Also, consider windows that hold moisture. Not only do they look bad, but that can lead to mold, rotting and other issues that can sabotage the structural integrity and comfort of the home.

3. Security

What’s more important than the safety of your family? When upgrading your windows, there are a variety of features that can help prevent intruders from entering your home, including steel-reinforced framing, impact resistant glass, and other features that are intended to provide better security to your home.

Window World has a variety of options that can help with all of the above, including windows, doors and siding.

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