Best of Central Florida: Where you can stay fit and well

After enduring a global pandemic, wanting to keep up with fitness and well-being is totally understandable, and thanks to the Best of Central Florida, we’ve got some places where you can work on yourself and leave feeling great.

Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols, co-hosts of “The Best of Central Florida,” talked to the owners of some of their favorite spots where you can work on yourself and leave feeling great.

Here are this week’s winners.

Serotonin Centers (Makaila’s choice)

There’s a reason this place is called Serotonin: because you’ll leave feeling good. Serotonin, after all, is the feel-good hormone

All of the services offered here are based in science. Some bloodwork will be done to find out how the experts there can help you from the inside out, and then configure a plan from there.

They can even help you if you’re looking for a weight loss plan, too.

Spavia (people’s choice)

Spavia, located in Winter Park, is the perfect place to go when you need some rest and relaxation.

The first thing you’ll notice about Spavia is how comfortable you will be when you arrive for a spa service. The locker rooms will keep all your belongings safe while you relax and soak up the calm and inviting atmosphere.

Spavia offers an assortment of different massages, facials, peels, waxing, hydroderm, body wraps, eyelash extensions and makeup applications. If you want it, Spavia probably has it.

F45 Nona (Justin’s choice)

Now it’s time for the fitness portion.

At F45, the “F” stands for functional, and that is the core concept at this gym. The experts here want to make the workouts and exercises you do functional.

The best part about F45 Nova is that you aren’t getting your traditional workout. This isn’t just running on a treadmill for an hour. Each day you walk in the gym, you are going to be given a completely different workout than the one you had the day before.

There are two certified trainers in each class to show you the moves and make sure you’re performing the workouts without injuring yourself.

Learn more about these locations and what they have to offer by watching the video above.