3 ways the ‘great resignation’ has affected how employers hire people

Stock image. Sora Shimazaki (Pexels)

Over the past two years, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, what’s become known as the “great resignation” has plagued the workforce nationwide.

Whether it’s people retiring earlier than expected or changing careers, it’s left a plethora of jobs available for employers to fill.

Here are three reasons why the job market has changed drastically for employers.

1. Employers want more skilled labor.

While employers still value four-year college degrees, there is more of an emphasis than ever on having people with certain skill sets or expertise, particularly in the tech industry.

That means candidates who attend trade or tech schools such as Orange Technical College are more valued than ever.

“The awareness of skilled trades and students being wiling to pursue a credential over a college degree is rising, and for good reason with debt, time, interest, etc.,” said Melanie Stefanowicz, Associate Superintendent of Career and Technical Education at Orange County Public Schools, which oversees Orange Technical College.

2. The demand for skilled labor is high right now.

With so many retirements and resignations, employers are offering high-paying jobs right away upon completion of tech or trade schools.

In many cases, career certificates can be obtained after a few months to about a year of attendance instead of four or five years at traditional colleges, depending on the program.

“The need for skilled labor and qualified employees is at an all-time high in our region,” Stefanowicz said. “Skills-based hiring is coming to the forefront.”

3. The demand for skilled labor will continue to be high in the future.

Whether it’s in industries such as health care, advanced manufacturing, transportation, construction or simulation and training, employers are going to be looking for skilled labor for years to come.

This means anyone with a certain skill set has a good chance of enjoying steady employment and financial stability for years.

“The great resignation has taken the country by storm and has been a catalyst for career changers across sectors,” Stefanowicz said.

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