Best of Central Florida: Finding the right care for the elderly person in your life

Retirement is all about enjoying those “golden years” and doing all the things you’ve dreamed about your entire life.

Unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine all the time, and some seniors do end up needing some help during those retirement years of life.

That’s why Best of Central Florida came up with a list of services that are catered to people who need an extra hand. From at-home services to saving up money for retirement, this list is one you’ll want to share with an elderly person in your life.

Makaila’s Choice: FirstLight Home Care

One thing about seniors living in Florida is that many of them are not from the Sunshine State, so FirstLight Home Care is a great option because there are so many of them throughout the country.

When the person needing care has family members who are thousands of miles away in a different state, FirstLight Home Care can help with whatever the person needs. They can help you prepare food, take a shower and even do some light housekeeping.

FirstLight Home Care is great because the person can stay in the comfort of their home while receiving the best help possible, the co-hosts of the show said.

People’s Choice: Voyage Retirement Solutions

Sure, you may need help living when you enter retirement, but making sure you have enough money to actually live is another important component of retirement.

Voyage Retirement Solutions does just that.

Right before you are ready to retire, or when you actually do, checking out a place like Voyage Retirement Solutions is one of the smartest things you could do for yourself, according to the owner.

Making little investments will end up giving you more money, and that means you can do all of the things you dreamed about.

Justin’s Choice: Trans MedCare

After a senior has suffered an injury and they’re back in a rehab facility, they sometimes need a non-emergency transportation back home, or to the doctor’s office. There are plenty of services that provide that, but there aren’t many that provide transportation from state to state.

That’s where Trans MedCare comes in.

The spacious vans are equipped with two drivers, a medical staff member and enough room for two family members to travel. The vans have Wifi and TVs, so you can watch Netflix or Hulu while you make the long travel. How perfect is that?