3 things to know before we’re in peak hurricane season

Do you feel prepared this hurricane season? (Pexels stock image)

Here in Florida, we know there are a lot of considerations when it comes to hurricane season, which runs from June through November each year.

Are you keeping your family, home and business safe? Are you insured? Would you know how to file a claim, or what to do around the house before a storm?

We compiled the following advice, with some help from JT Law Firm.

1. You want to have insurance coverage. But an expert in your corner will help, especially if you have to work with your insurance company on a claim.

When your home, property or business is damaged, it can cause a lot of stress. On top of that, you often have the added stress of trying to figure out how or if you should file a claim with your insurance company.

Many people believe the insurance company will “do the right thing,” especially since situations like these are the reason why you HAVE a policy in the first place.

“However, insurance companies will routinely wrongfully deny, underpay, or delay payment or coverage determinations,” the team at JT Law Firm said.

The attorneys at the firm have years of experience handling property insurance claims.

The attorneys’ trial experience helps hold the insurance company responsible, “with the knowledge that we will go to trial,” the group said, adding, “Here at JT Law Firm, you truly ‘don’t have to settle.’”

2. Hurricane claims can be tough ones -- they’re not the easiest to navigate on your own.

Hurricanes are one of the most common, devastating and unpredictable types of claims facing policyholders.

A number of different types of events that cause damage to your home or business combine into one event. The strong winds, rain, storm surge and flooding can all cause damage to your residential or commercial property.

“Because many factors in a hurricane can be the basis for your property insurance claim, complications can arise,” the lawyers at JT Law Firm said. “Typically, your claim will involve multiple policies including standard homeowners and flood insurance. During this process, complications can arise when one insurance company attempts to shift responsibility to the other.”

JT Law Firm said it understands this complex process, and can help you with your hurricane damage claim.

3. You’ll want to remain vigilant.

When it comes to hurricanes and big storms, there’s always so much talk about how to prepare the insides of our homes.

But what about the outside? What do you do with patio furniture, pots, BBQ grills and the like? A meteorologist said there’s actually a pretty simple answer: “Anything that a person can pick up or move can become a projectile in a (strong) hurricane -- and in the tornadoes that hurricanes cause.”

Therefore, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. “If there’s ANY chance that something could become a projectile and possibly cause damage to your or a neighbor’s house, then store it in the garage or in the house. There’s nothing wrong with being too careful,” the meteorologist said.

So, the next time a big storm’s coming to town, walk around the exterior of your house, your property or your yard. Pick things up, see how heavy your items are, and if you think even an outside possibility exists that an item could turn dangerous, move it inside, or get some help doing so. You could even turn this into a project, moving just a few belongings a day, leading up to the storm. Enlist help. But make sure it gets done. Better safe than sorry!

JT Law Firm wants to help.

When an insurance company wrongfully delays, denies, or underpays your claim, it is recommended you consult with an experienced insurance claim attorney to review your options, JT Law Firm said.

Even if your claim has been denied, an attorney could still possibly help.

The law requires that insurance companies act in good faith and deal fairly with policyholders. Sometimes, however, an insurance company may act outside the scope of the policy or applicable law.

“In these situations, our courtroom experience allows us to hold insurance companies accountable for unreasonable tactics and bad faith insurance practices,” JT Law Firm attorneys said. We represent individuals, families, and business owners against insurance companies. We work to maximize the recovery of your insurance claims while taking the burden off of you. Insurance policy language and laws are complicated. As lawyers, we have years of education and training that help us understand these policies and laws.”

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