Best of Central Florida: Staycation spots you won’t have to travel far to visit

We all know that it’s expensive to travel anywhere that’s out of state - let alone a few hours away from home - which is why hosts Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols have three great staycation spots that you’ll want to see.

For those that don’t know, a staycation is just like a regular vacation, except you’re staying at home (or somewhere close to home) instead of traveling long hours for a regular vacation.

These spots are not only

Makaila’s Choice: Mission Inn Resort and Club

Want to stay in Central Florida but feel like you’re not actually in Central Florida? Look no further than staying at Mission Inn Resort and Club.

With its Spanish-style architecture and beautiful scenery, this family-operated hotel is more than just a place to stay when in Central Florida. Representatives from Mission Inn Resort and Club stopped by to tell our hosts all of the great things you can do. From incredible food to world-class golfing, this place has something for every one.

People’s Choice: Carriage Way Inn

One of Central Florida’s hidden gems is St. Augustine, as it’s just a short hour and a half drive from Orlando. It’s the perfect location for a staycation, and a fabulous spot to stay is the Carriage Way Inn.

This bed and breakfast was built in 1883 and has 14 rooms, along with a cottage and suite. Breakfast is served every morning, and once you’re at the Carriage Way Inn, you never have to get back in your car. So much of the area is walkable, and there is a shuttle that takes you straight to the beach. How great is that?

People’s Choice: Reunion Resort and Golf Club

There are so many staycation options around Central Florida that there is another winner for People’s Choice. Reunion Resort and Golf Club is not only a fabulous place to stay, but it’s also a golfer’s dream place to stay.

There are three gold courses on property, as well as a water park (with a lazy river), seven restaurants on property, tennis, pickleball and so much more. There is so much to do that you literally would never have to leave the resort itself. Now that is what we call a staycation.

Justin’s Choice: Hontoon Landing Resort and Marina

With just a less than an hour drive from downtown Orlando, Hontoon Landing Resort and Marina is one of Central Florida’s best kept secrets, according to host Justin Clark.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Florida, head out to Hontoon Landing. One of the favorite things guests love to do it take boat tours around the surrounding waterways and explore the beauty of Florida. It’s a unique place to stay if you want to see old Florida and be one with nature.