These are the top 5 things teachers need for their classrooms

Teachers need these supplies. (Pexels.)

We all know that teachers need help keeping their classrooms stocked with supplies, but are there certain supplies that they want more than others?

You’d be surprised, but A Gift For Teaching has a list of five essential supplies that teachers are in need of the most. Can you guess what they are?

1. Dry erase markers

This one is a no-brainer. Teachers use dry erase markers all day every day to write things on their boards. So it’s not too surprising that this would be at the top of their lists. If you want to help out some teachers with supplies, these will always be welcome.

2. Markers

Just like dry erase markers, regular markers dry up rather quickly when you’ve got students who want to do nothing else but use them. The best kind of markers to get are the eight or ten packs.

3. Notebooks

If you can think back to your school days you’ll remember just how important notebooks are. For a high school or middle school student they are practically essential, but even the little ones in elementary school enjoy writing stories or creating art in notebooks. The composition or spiral notebooks are both needed.

4. Colored pencils

You’re going to need colored pencils to go along with the notebooks, right?

5. Loose leaf paper

This seems like something schools should supply more of, but teachers still say that having regular paper so they can make copies of homework assignments and worksheets is still scarce. Any teacher would so appreciate getting packs of paper so they can make copies of assignments with.

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