Best of Central Florida: These companies will help you stay cool this summer

If there is one thing Floridians know is that it is hot during the summer.

Well, it can be pretty hot all year round, which is why it’s super important to make sure wherever you live has the best air conditioner system set up so you can stay cool.

Hosts Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols have gathered businesses that will not only keep you nice and cool, but are friendly, attentive and affordable.

Makaila’s Choice: Southern HVAC

The best part about working with Southern HVAC is that they have locations all throughout Central Florida, so if you live in the greater Orlando are or out at the beach in Daytona, they can hook you up so you stay cool.

People’s Choice: ECO Air Systems

When it comes to customer service, ECO Air Systems is one of the best in all of Central Florida. Not only will you be getting a great AC system for your home, but the folks there will make sure you are taken care of with routine checkups on your system. Also, they’re hiring!

Justin’s Choice: Frank Gay Services

There’s a reason why people in Florida recognize the name Frank Gay, and it’s because they’ve been serving Central Florida for years with impeccable service and products. If your home needs a new air conditioner (or help with plumbing and electricity) you may have called Frank Gay services in the past. They serve all of Central Florida for any homeowner that needs some help.