Best of Central Florida: Back to school businesses to keep your kids busy

It’s that time of year again: the kids are back in school and parents are elated.

While being in school certainly keeps them busy all day long, what about what they do after school? If you want your child’s day full of activities and learning, checking out some of these after school businesses may be a good idea.

Makaila’s Choice: Jukido Academy

As host Makaila Nichols points out, there is a stigma around learning martial arts that it might make a person more violent, but owner and head instructor of Jukido Academy, George Rego, explained that it’s a confidence builder when kids learn martial arts. Kids can take classes after school and learn martial arts at their own pace.

People’s Choice: Meadows Academy

Trying to figure out childcare for your kids while you are at work all day can be a challenging thing. You want them to learn as much as they can, but you also want them to be safe and taken care of. That’s why the People’s Choice is Meadows Academy. Not only do they have childcare from infant to 4-years old, they also have before and after school programs for elementary-aged kids

People’s Choice: Huntington Learning Center

Finding your child a helpful tutor for school can be a struggle. You want someone that is going to help improve your child’s skills in education as well as a nice and friendly person. Huntington Learning Center is another People’s Choice because they are so beloved by folks who send their kids there. The Best of Central Florida hosts even interviewed a child and mother who use Huntington Learning Center, and they could not say enough goo things about it.

Justin’s Choice: Altitude Trampoline Park

You know that when it is Justin’s turn for a pick it’s going to be a fun one. What better thing to do after school with your kids than hangout at a trampoline park? Kids of all ages love this place, and it’s a great way to burn up the last of that energy they have before you’ve got to take them home and get them ready for bed. With multiple locations in Central Florida, this is a fun place to take your kids.