These roofing companies can help you out during hurricane season

Some years, hurricane season can be pretty quiet in Florida, and others it feels like hurricanes are hitting Florida’s coast like bowling balls.

Roofing companies are all pretty similar, but you still want to make sure you’re getting the best service possible when you’re investing a lot of money in a new roof.

That’s why hosts Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols have rounded up the very best roofing companies in Central Florida. They will guarantee you’re getting the best product with the best costumer service.

Let’s take a look at how made the list of best roofing companies in Central Florida.

Makaila’s Choice: Central Florida Skylights LLC

Not only is Central Florida Skylights LLC a great business, but it’s a family business that has been in operation for years. Central Florida Skylights specializes in installing skylights in your home, which are a great way to add extra natural sunlight into your home. Their designs are elegant and classy, which is exactly what you want in a new skylight.

People’s Choice: Heart of Florida Roofing

What Heart of Florida Roofing really prides itself on is their customer service. According to them, you will be comfortable and feel assured throughout the entire process. From knowing what kind of material is going on your roof, to knowing the work process, you are never left in the dark about anything.

Justin’s Choice: Covenant Roofing

When it comes to preparing for hurricanes and getting repairs for you roof, Covenant Roofing is your one stop shop. Wither you need an entirely new roof on your home, or just need some repairs, they are here to help. They’re also super focused on customer service, and they said they really like to get to know their clients.