3 reasons why escape rooms are good holiday entertainment options

The holiday season is here, which means more time to gather with families and make memories together.

One option for families and large groups to try is an escape room, which is a 60-minute adventure between groups of two to 10 people, where the group accomplishes a goal inside a room through puzzle-solving.

Here are three reasons why escape rooms are good options for family fun, according to David Psaroudis, owner of Mystique Escape Room in Lake Mary.

1. It gets kids thinking outside of school

Instead of relying solely on schoolwork for activities that enhance the brain, escape rooms can also do so with their puzzles and problem-solving attributes.

“It gets the kids off of the TV, it gets the kids off of the cell phone for a little bit,” Psaroudis said.

2. It can be bonding time for parents and kids

By working together for an hour, going to an escape room can be unmatched bonding time for parents and kids.

“I recently had a mom tell me that she was so thankful for the escape room experience because she got to bond with her teenage daughter, which she hadn’t done in a long time,” Psaroudis said.

3. Escape rooms can be fun for a wide age demographic

Whether it’s team-building activities for corporations, date nights for couples, or birthday parties for younger kids, escape rooms can be enjoyable for both young and old.

Psaroudis said his business has also hosted family reunions and a night out for a those living in a retirement home.

“It’s one of those places that can touch upon almost every type of age group,” he said.