10 of the Jacksonville Jaguars' most famous fans

Celebrities include Lil Duval, Bill Murray, Grayson Allen

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As the NFL season gets underway, we thought we'd take a look at some of the more well-known Jacksonville Jaguars fans who have made their allegiances known.

Some of these are a bit more obvious, but perhaps we'll surprise you with one or two of these celebs on our list. And you can take solace in the fact that next time you're cursing at your TV, angry about the latest holding penalty, maybe Derek Trucks is right there with you -- in spirit, at least.

1.) Lil Duval

The Jacksonville native is a longtime supporter of the Jags -- which should come as no surprise, really, considering his name IS Lil Duval, after all (a shoutout to Duval County). The actor and comedian tweets about his home team and even posts pictures from EverBank Field.

2.) Brett Myers

The former MLB pitcher, who was born and raised in Jacksonville, has also taken his love for the Jaguars to Twitter.

3.) Bill Murray

Despite hailing from the Chicago area, Murray roots for the Jags. The actor and comedian has attended training camp, and nfl.com lists him as Jacksonville's most famous fan. Here's a photo on the Jaguars' official Twitter account showing Murray with quarterback Blake Bortles.

4.) Gene Hackman

The Academy Award-winning actor is reportedly friends with Jack Del Rio. Hackman was turned on to the Jaguars when Del Rio became coach for an eight-year stretch starting in 2003, according to Fox Sports.

5.) Derek Trucks

Team owner Shahid Khan once presented the musician with a custom jersey. The Grammy award winner, of Tedeschi Trucks Band fame, has been a fan since the beginning, reports Pro Football Weekly.

6.) Grayson Allen

Allen, who now plays for the Utah Jazz but is best known as one of those guys who people "love to hate" from the Duke basketball team, was born in Jacksonville. In January, Allen posted #DTWD on Twitter, which stands for Duval-Till-We-Die. h/t sports blog SlackieBrown

7.) Scott Wilson

It's true: "Hershel Greene" from "The Walking Dead" roots for the Jags on Sundays. Wilson (back to using his real name) grew up in Georgia, according to published reports, and Jacksonville was the closest NFL city to his hometown.

8.) Patrick Heusinger

You don't have to look any further than this "Absentia" actor's Twitter bio to see where his allegiance lies.

9.) Paul McCartney

Now, whether or not the Beatles legend actually tunes in for games ... well, we couldn't tell you that. But he was spotted in this hat, so you know what? We'll count it.

10.) Fred Durst

In an AMA on Reddit, Durst was asked if he cheered for the Jags, to which he responded, “Honestly, (I) think the Jaguars should bring Tim Tebow on board and stop ignoring the elephant in the room. The (morale) could help, a lot.” Now, Durst is a big fan of Tebow, so in a roundabout way … it sounds like he could be considered a fan. (For what it's worth, Durst's band, Limp Bizkit, formed in Jacksonville in 1994).


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