Drag racer Kat Moller killed after debris hit her helmet, officials say

Moller pronounced dead at Sebring International Speedway

Kat Moller.
Kat Moller.

SEBRING, Fla. – A drag racer was killed when debris hit her helmet during an exhibition run at a Florida race track, authorities said.

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office said in a statement Friday that 24-year-old Katrina "Kat" Moller was killed when a piece of debris hit her helmet as she raced at the Sebring International Speedway.

The Sheriff's Office said its conclusion is preliminary and it's still awaiting an autopsy report.

Detectives said Moller's dragster drifted between lanes during last Thursday's race and hit a timing device located between two lanes at the finish lines.

A parachute was deployed, and the vehicle kept drifting to the right until it came to rest at a barrier wall.

Moller was pronounced dead at the scene.