'You are my hero:' Boy writes get-well letter to UCF's McKenzie Milton

Star QB suffers 'traumatic' leg injury during game against rival USF


ORLANDO, Fla. – As more than 40,000 UCF fans prepare to celebrate star quarterback McKenzie Milton, who suffered a "traumatic" leg injury in Friday's win over rival USF, at this weekend's conference championship game, one 6-year-old boy isn't waiting to salute his hero.

Tyson James Allison sent Milton a handwritten note, which his mother posted on Twitter.

The letter said:

Dear McKenzie,

I saw you got hurt playing football. I know how to play football too, and I am six years old. I love to watch you and UCF! I really hope you get better soon because you are my hero! Go Knights.


Tyson James Allsion

Milton saw Tyson's letter and was appreciative of his support.

"Thank you, buddy," Milton posted on Tyson's mother's Instagram page.

Kristy Allison said her son is a huge Knights fan and always watches the game. When she posted the note, she never expected it to get so much attention online.

"His wish was to help McKenzie in some way possible because that's what he always wants to do. He wants to help whoever he can and when he can. That's just his heart, that's who he is," Allison said.

She was shocked when she saw that McKenzie replied.

"My heart was in my throat, I couldn't believe it," Allison said.

UCF plays Memphis Saturday at Spectrum Stadium for the American Athletic Conference championship. In a show of support for Milton, who's from Hawaii, UCF said it will hand out leis to fans.

"We’re here to help a movement started by Knight Nation. 40,000 leis will be distributed at Spectrum Stadium on Saturday before the American Championship #10hana," the school tweeted.

In an official statement released Tuesday, Milton's family said blood flow has been restored to his right leg. While Milton's official diagnosis has not been released, his family said his nerve has been injured and that he will need reconstructive surgery on his right knee.

Milton is awake and in good spirits, according to his family.

Milton's mother tweeted Tuesday that her son was online and communicating with teammates about their upcoming game. Redshirt freshman Darriel Mack Jr. will start at quarterback for the Knights.

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