NBA offering players a ‘smart’ ring to track COVID-19

Ring costs $299

The NBA is offering players a smart ring to track coronavirus symptoms as they head back to the hardwood next month.

The maker of the Oura ring says it can track a user’s health data and even predict if someone wearing the rings are about to show symptoms of coronavirus infection.

The $299 ring is designed to monitor sleep, pulse, movement, heart activity and temperature, but there's not much information yet on how well the device actually works for COVID-19.

The ring is one of several wearable devices being studied to see if they can detect COVID-19.

A team at Scripps Research is looking into the potential of the Apple Watch, Fitbits, Garmin devices, Oura and others to see if they can accurately monitor a person’s baseline temperature, heart rate, sleep and daily movement, and use changes in that data to detect the early onset of an infection.