Florida man who jumped brother used child as human shield, deputies say

Man made comments about wanting to engage in shootout

Kyle Kruppenbacher, left, and Kolin Kruppenbacher, right, are accused of repeatedly hitting their brother in the head.
Kyle Kruppenbacher, left, and Kolin Kruppenbacher, right, are accused of repeatedly hitting their brother in the head. (Lake County Sheriff's Office)

LEESBURG, Fla. – A Florida man who is accused of jumping his brother during a family feud used a child as a human shield in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid arrest, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office. 

The alleged violence began after Kody Kruppenbacher  got into a verbal disagreement with his mother on Tuesday. Kody decided to leave the residence so he could calm down, but then his brother Kolin Kruppenbacher came outside, and the incident report states the two got into a physical altercation.

As the two were fighting, a third brother, Kyle Kruppenbacher, jumped Kody from behind and both men began repeatedly hitting their brother Kody in the head, according to the incident report.

Kody has been diagnosed with brain tumors and brain injuries in the past, which means a blow to his head could be fatal. Kolin and Kyle were aware of their brother's medical history, deputies said.

Doctors at Leesburg Regional Medical Center examined Kody after the fight and found no significant injuries other than swelling to his eye, a cut on his lip and red marks on his face.

A deputy interviewed Kody at the hospital, and then the next day, officers were sent to arrest Kyle and Kolin. 

Both men ran into the house when deputies arrived, the report read. Kolin surrendered moments later but Kyle went upstairs, according to the report.

Deputies knew prior to their arrival that Kyle had stolen a handgun and that he'd made comments about killing himself or engaging in a shoot out with police to avoid going back to prison. 

When deputies found Kyle in one of the bedrooms, he was holding a child in front of him to use as a human shield, deputies said. The child's relationship to the family was redacted from the report.

Deputies were able to free the girl unharmed and arrest Kyle. 

Kyle was charged with felony domestic violence, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, resisting arrest without violence and child neglect. 

Kolin was charged with felony domestic violence.

Intake photos for Kyle and Kolin show matching "Brothers Tear" tattoos. 

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