Florida man headbutts deputy who ordered him out of the water

Suspect accused of kicking patrol vehicle

KEY LARGO, Fla. – Investigators say a Florida man told deputies who ordered him to get out of the water at a Key Largo resort that they'd "end up on the news" for hassling him.

But Monroe County Sheriff's officials say 40-year-old Yanser Robaina ended up in jail after becoming verbally abusive Sunday. They say he kicked a patrol car door so hard that it won't close properly, and then headbutted a deputy and spit in his mouth.

Deputies went to Gilbert's Resort to stop Robaina and others from jumping off the docks. The report says deputies handcuffed Robiana for the safety of others on the beach. He fought until they used a stun gun on him.

Robiana faces multiple charges, including resisting a law enforcement officer. A lawyer wasn't listed on jail records.