Scott Johnson

Reporter/weekend anchor

I moved to Jacksonville in 2002 when I started with WJXT and have covered pretty much everything under the sun since, from space shuttle landings and one heartbreaking shuttle crash to hurricanes and presidential elections.

I'm originally from Washington State, growing up a couple of hours from Seattle.  Now I literally shiver every time I go back north having become so accustomed to the Florida heat.  

As much as I'm often known for hard news, I'm frankly a big nerd, as my wife and two children can attest.  I love comic books, comic movies and comic TV shows. (I have seen every episode of every DC show the CW airs!).  

And while there has been a lot of news I've covered for Channel 4 over the years, the thing I seem to be most known for is shaving my head. I can't go a week without someone asking me about that newscast where I shaved my head years ago.  

If you were wondering, it was simply because my hair was receding and didn't look great on television. Nothing more exciting than that.  So I've stuck with the bald look and save on barber bills.  

Since moving to Clay County years ago I have essentially become Channel 4's "Clay County guy." So if you ever know of anything going on in Clay I want to know about it.  Feel free to email me anytime.