Disney monorail door comes unhinged when struck by scooter

Incident left monorail temporarily out of service, officials say

(Photo: News 6 viewer)

ORLANDO, Fla. – A picture posted online Tuesday shows a door of a Disney monorail being repaired after it became unhinged Tuesday.

The picture, which was sent to News 6 by a viewer, shows a crowd at the Grand Floridian Hotel gathered around a repair crew working to get the door back in place.

Disney officials told News 6 the door became unhinged when it was hit by a motorized scooter while someone was boarding the monorail.

[VIDEO: Disney World monorail travels with door open, guests inside]

One of the crew members in the picture can be seen holding the door up as the repair is underway.

A spokesperson for Disney said the door didn't fall off the monorail, but the hinges needed to be fixed.

The incident left the monorail out of service for a short time Tuesday. Disney officials did not say how long it was down, but that the repair was done quickly.

No guests or staff members were injured, the spokesperson said.

In January, the door of a Disney monorail traveling to Epcot opened while the train was moving after a latch malfunctioned. The monorail was taken out of service until the issue was repaired, a Disney spokesperson said after the incident. 

The monorail system carries more than 150,000 riders a day, according to Disney blog WDWMagic.com.

The safety protocols on the train system were changed after a 2009 collision between two monorail trams killed a Disney employee.