You can drive an actual military tank at this Central Florida attraction

Guests can explore courses, crush cars

MELBOURNE, Fla. – If you have a bucket list with places to go and things to do, how about adding driving a tank?

Central Florida has the only attraction where drivers experience the adrenaline of operating a 17-ton military tank down an off-road trail where they get to go through muddy puddles and crush some cars.

"My business partner called me one day and he said: 'John, did you know we can buy some tanks?' I said, 'Troy, I did not know that, but you definitely got my attention,'" John Kinney, co-owner of Tank America in Melbourne, said.

He said the attraction is thrilling for guests.

"Our course here is a 3/4 mile tank trail. It's got a 4-foot-deep mud hole that you can go splashing through," Kinney said. "Outside the United States Army and the United States Marine Corp, we're your option to come drive a tank."

To add to the mix of fun, Tank America also offers laser tag inside a 7,000-square-foot area designed with an urban combat theme.

"It's a Middle Eastern village we've built that you get to play in, basically a video game come to real life. We have 10 different themed rooms," Kinney said.

It's a Central Florida attraction that could help let off some steam if you've had a rough week.

"The car crush option is definitely a stress reliever. When you barrel through a car with a tank, it definitely puts a smile on your face," Kinney said.  

For more information about Tank America, click here.

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