First-of-its-kind AI exhibit to debut at Orlando Science Center

Interactive displays allow guests to experience technology firsthand

ORLANDO, Fla. – While Alexa and Siri have become household names, artificial intelligence has more applications than setting an alarm or placing a call for you.

Kicking off the first leg of its tour at the Orlando Science Center on Saturday, "Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine," explores the reality and relevance of AI in modern times.

"We've created an exhibition for the Orlando Science Center to show people how AI is real, relevant and part of everyday life, meanwhile trying to minimize the scare factor," said exhibit creator HP Newquist.

The exhibit provides an opportunity to pit your brain against the AI of a machine in a mental illusion activity that will help you experience its perspective. You can also experience having your facial and head movements tracked by an AI device that will transform you into an animated character.

This is a family friendly exhibit that will run until Jan. 5, 2020.

"Artificial intelligence is the single most important technology being developed today," Newquist said. "It is part of every conversation about the future of education, jobs and consumer products yet very few people know what AI is, or what it does."