SeaWorld Orlando’s ‘Inside Look’ weekends returning with new experiences

Behind-the-scenes event begins Nov. 7

SeaWorld Orlando Announces Fall Inside Look Weekends with Limited Capacity for a Peek Behind-the-Scenes of a World Class Animal Care Facility (SeaWorld Orlando)

ORLANDO, Fla – Have you ever wondered what it takes to care for dozens of penguins, hungry sea lions or a pod of orcas?

SeaWorld Orlando is back, and eager to help answer those questions. Officials said Wednesday that the park is bringing back its informative behind-the-scenes experience called inside look on Nov. 7.

The weekend event allows small groups of guests to hear and see firsthand what goes into providing world-class animal care from the experts who do it every day. SeaWorld will offer six locations around the theme park. Officials said this fall they will offer a new experience called trainer talks.

These experiences will allow guests to talk with trainers at Dolphin Theater, Sea Lion and Otter Theater and Orca Encounter.

Inside Look weekends (SeaWorld Orlando)
  1. Fish House: see how leaders provide the best of diets for every fish, sea turtle, sea lion, penguin, and other marine animals in our care. This location is not ADA accessible.
  2. SeaWorld Rescue Center: visit the home base of the SeaWorld Rescue Team and meet and hear from the dedicated filtration experts, animal care personnel, lab technicians, and veterinarians
  3. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin: explore exclusive views of the birds and learn how the team feeds and cares for an entire colony of penguins from our animal care specialists.
  4. Pacific Point Preserve: hear stories and gain insight from the animal care specialists who care for these animals on a daily basis and learn what it takes to maintain a thriving sea lion social group.
  5. Shark Encounter: visit the medical pool and learn how a shark receives its an annual physical. Observe the moving walkway used to temporarily divide the exhibit for cleaning and understand how aquarists feed the sharks in a 700,000 gallon habitat. This location is not ADA accessible.
  6. Orca Encounter: See where hundreds of pounds of fish are prepared each day, check out our larger-than-life whale toys, and visit our medical pool and system of habitat pools to better understand the dynamics of caring for SeaWorld’s largest residents.

Trainer Talks:

  • A. Dolphin Days
  • B. Sea Lion High
  • C. Sharks Underwater Grill Dive Team
  • D. Orca Encounter

Guests are invited to visit three locations or trainer talks to earn an exclusive free expert explorer’s pin.

The inside look event is free and available to all guests with admission.

Due to strict health and safety guidelines, space is limited for each time slot of the six experiences.

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