Florida interstates make list of Top 10 deadliest interstates

Interstate 4, Interstate 295 named deadliest interstates

FLORIDA – Car accidents kill about 90 people each day, according to Vox, but deadly accidents occur on some stretches of road more than others. 

Florida's Interstate 4 made a list of the top 10 deadliest interstates at number 9. Interstate 4 has 32 accidents with 33 fatalities every 10 miles and an accident rate of 2.1. 

I-4 covers the longest distance out of all 10 interstates on the list, totaling more than 150 miles.

Florida's Interstate 295 landed on the list at number 6. Interstate 295 averages about 18 accidents and 20 fatalities every 10 miles and an accident rate of 2.6.

Florida is the third worst state for fatal accidents according to a 2013 report. A total of 2,228 accidents were reported that year.

Georgia's Interstate 285 ranked first on the list, with 26 accidents for every 10 miles. Georgia reported 1,085 fatal accidents in total for the 2013 year. 

Interstate 95 in Florida was not one of the deadliest highways, but it had the most expansive reach. Crossing 14 states, Interstate 95 had the greatest number of fatal accidents along its stretch in Florida with 83. I-95 runs for more than 400 miles in Florida,ranking as 15th deadliest highway, with an accident rate of 1.9.