Kaley, Michigan interchanges on I-4 getting new look

If your daily commute takes you on Interstate 4 near Downtown Orlando, you may have noticed a bit of a new look along parts of the highway.

Those changes you see are all part of a plan to significantly improve how we move in the City Beautiful. 

Crews are in the process of reconstructing the Kaley and Michigan interchanges to combine them and eventually allow access in all four directions. Both are undergoing a complete redesign to ultimately function better together.

"We had a lot of weaving where traffic would be trying to get on from Kaley while traffic would be trying to get off at Michigan and visa versa and you head east," said David Parks, public information officer of the I-4 Ultimate Project.

The future configuration will allow the ramps to braid over each other for an improved flow. With the addition of some new auxiliary roads to further open up access. 

"The idea is that you can still get everywhere you need to go with these two interchanges but you can get there more safely without traffic weaving across opposite directions like they do today," Parks said. 

Lake Angel currently looks very little like an actual lake. Most of it has been filled in to make the ground stable for the construction. 

"For folks who have been in the Orlando area longer than six months, this is definitely one of those things you can look out your window as you drive by and say 'wow I can really see a big difference' is that how high I-4 is going to be?" said Parks.

Although that portion of the highway is being raised, the final product won't be going quite that high.