Ask Trooper Steve: How to drive in fog

Don't use high beams while driving in fog, expert says

ORLANDO, Fla. – With fog blanketing Central Florida during several early mornings in the fall, a viewer asked News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Trooper Steve Montiero about driving tips in those conditions.

"Contrary to popular belief, turning your high beams doesn't always allow you to see further and better," he said. "Sometimes the option of high beams can actually hinder your travels."

During any inclement weather -- rain, snow or fog -- having headlights turned on is required by law.

"Nowhere does the law indicate you should turn on your high beams during this," Montiero said. "You might ask why or what the difference is?"

Turning on the regular lights during low-visibility weather allows other drivers to see you on the road, Montiero said.

"Putting your bright lights will actually do the complete opposite," he said. "With rain or fog, mixing that with extreme bright lights creates a wall directly in front of you that you cannot see past while driving -- not a good thing."

In any type of inclement weather, Montiero said you should always turn on your headlights, but not your high beams.

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