When should Florida drivers flag their cargo?

ORLANDO, Fla. – When transporting equipment, we don’t all have the luxury of having a large SUV or a pickup truck.

Too often we see ladders or lumber sticking from the rear of a pickup truck or even worse -- from the trunk of the average four-door sedan.

Latash, of Winter Springs, is asking the right questions.

Latash asks, “Am I required to place a flag on the equipment I am transporting if it sticks out the back of my car?”

Florida traffic laws directly addresses this issue. Anytime you are transporting something that protrudes 4 feet or more from the rear, such as large amounts of lumber or a ladder, you are required to place a red flag at the most rear section of the cargo you are transporting. 

Florida Statue 316.228 goes into greater detail about this traffic law.

About the Author:

Steven Montiero, better known as “Trooper Steve," joined the News 6 morning team as its Traffic Safety Expert in October 2017. A Central Florida native and decorated combat veteran, Montiero comes to the station following an eight-year assignment with the Florida Highway Patrol.