Buses collide at Epcot toll plaza, 14 injured, FHP says

FHP investigates wreck at Walt Disney World

ORLANDO, Fla. – Two buses collided near the Epcot toll plaza Tuesday, causing more than a dozen minor injuries, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Troopers said one eastbound bus rear-ended the other at the toll booth of the auto plaza on Epcot Center Drive at Walt Disney World.

There were 51 people on board the bus that was hit and 14 of them were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries, troopers said. It's unclear how many people were onboard the other bus.

Buses collide near the Epcot toll plaza Dec. 11, 2018. (Photo: Twitter/@hastin)

Pictures from the scene showed the bus that rear-ended the other with cracks across its windshield.

"Nothing is more important than the safety of our guests and cast members, and we are currently focused on the well being of those involved in the situation," a Disney spokesperson said.

Lt. Kim Montes, with the FHP, said the crash was not considered to be major.

"Disney buses abide by the same rules, same licensing, same procedures, and in our eyes this is a minor crash," Montes said.

She said the driver of the second bus failed to slow down as the first one did, causing that bus to plow into the back of the other.

"As they are going through the toll booth, they have to slow down," Montes said. "They typically don't stop at that toll booth as they enter Epcot Center and as the first bus slowed, the second one just failed to slow and rear-ended the first one, so really minor collision."

According to Montes, the driver of the bus that slammed into the other was probably going less than 20 mph. He has been ticketed for careless driving, troopers said.

Neither of the drivers were injured in the crash, according to the report.

Buses collide near the Epcot toll plaza Dec. 11, 2018. (Photo: Twitter/@hastin)

The FHP is investigating the crash.

Editor's note: The Highway Patrol originally said 51 people were on both buses and that 15 people were taken to nearby hospitals. Troopers later said fire officials told them 51 people were on the second bus and only 14 of them were taken to hospitals.