Ask Trooper Steve: Can I drive in Florida with a Puerto Rico driver’s license?

Florida recognizes Puerto Rican government IDs

This week on “Ask Trooper Steve” a viewer wanted to know if their Puerto Rican driver’s license would be valid in Florida.

The short answer is yes, according to News 6 traffic safety expert Steve Montiero.

“Pretty much everything that a Florida driver’s license can do here in the state of Florida, a Puerto Rican driver’s license can do the same thing," Montiero said.

State law recognizes Puerto Rican drivers licenses as valid identification for operating a motor vehicle anywhere in the state.

“I’ve heard stories of certain places not recognizing Puerto Rican driver’s licenses as a valid government ID, that’s wrong,” Montiero said.

Although Puerto Rico is not a state, the island is a U.S. territory and all their government identifications are recognized by all states.

Anyone moving to Florida from Puerto Rico is required to obtain a Florida driver’s license within six months but that goes for anyone moving to a new state.

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