Ask Trooper Steve: What does toll by plate mean?

Trooper Steve answers viewer questions

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A viewer recently asked, “What exactly is toll by plate and have they been free if there was no attendant?"

There are not many tolls across Central Florida that are the only toll by plate but if you’re familiar with the 417 and Florida Turnpike interchange you might’ve seen one.


If you’re traveling from SR 417 to the Northbound Turnpike that toll is the only toll by plate.

What does that mean? Means there is never a toll attendant there and whether you have a transponder or don’t you are required to continue to drive through it. If you have a transponder linked to your license plate then you will be charged that way if not then you’ll receive a bill in the mail.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor ordered all total attendance to be removed from toll booths and some have thought that this means a free pass. But come on y’all that’s too good to be true.

This has been basically converted into either pay by transponder or pay by plate. If you have a transponder you will be billed as you use the tools like normal, if not then you should expect a bill in the mail at some point.

Something to keep in mind, the expressway authority can put a hold on your license plate if you do not pay your fees. This means the next time you go into the driver’s license office to do anything when it comes to your license plate you will not be able to renew your plate if you have outstanding tolls.

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